Novel Info (for fun)

So I mentioned in my last post that I was creating races for one of my novels. Well, first off, I’ll inform you: It’s not just a novel. It’s a world that I intend to have more than one novel set in. Including a series of short stories following around a character named Mairwen.

Mairwen’s story is set some 100 years before the novel I am currently writing. Yes, they tie in, but only marginally. As a matter of fact, these two plots started as vastly different as two fantasy based stories could be.

Mairwen’s story was meant to be a low-magic based fantasy, with her, very cliche’d, as a member of a rare race of magic beings. Focused more on episodic struggles than anything large and epic.

Alyse’s story (the novel), was originally meant to be a send in to Wizards of the Coast for their Forgotten Realms setting. When the landscape of Forgotten Realms changed drastically to tie in with fourth edition, my story ended up being a moot point.

Both stories were put aside for quite some time. Until I got the insane idea of  combining both of them. Yet somehow it’s been falling into place quite nicely. Tying in the stories in a way that makes sense gave me some issues at first, of course. Especially since I didn’t want either main character to be related to any of their party members.

So off to create a world (that currently has no real name) for stories that cater to a variety of characters. With plenty of subtle and overt social commentary and fantastical adventures!

I will be posting bits and pieces of the story’s information on here, as well as short stories that will introduce the characters and the world. Why? For fun.


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