Small Update for the Last Post

So a small update on the last posting ‘Writing With an Outline’, I finished outlining the chapters for my Dragon Age: Origins fanfic, as well as my Dragon Age II fanfic. The DA:O fanfic has 78 chapters planned out now, while the DAII fanfic has 105 chapters.

(And both with possible sequels that may or may not be as long)

While I am going to have to see how this will translate into my writing, I actually think I like this very basic form of outlining that I did. I don’t give an itemized list, but a summary of the chapters.

So far it’s not a bad idea, but I am concerned that I will get bored with writing them now that I know whats going to happen in each chapter. Even if it is basic. I suppose we’ll see.

I’m aware that it will be much different, however, when the story is my own and I don’t have a timeline already pre-determined. But it’s a start, and an interesting one at that.



One thought on “Small Update for the Last Post

  1. I tried outlining when I was first starting out as a writer. On the plus side; it helped me finish my first novel. However, I’ve written three novels since then, all without outlines. I found outlining killed the entire creative process to me and became work instead. I do know that tons of writers swear by them, though!

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