CAW: Caalix by DeeDeeSteele

Here is Caalix again! Done by the same artist as last week, DeeDeeSteele.

This picture I also like better than the last Caalix picture I posted. The mace looks much more realistic, Caalix looks more demonic (as he’s supposed to), and again, the dynamic pose and coloring get to me.

You’ll notice the symbols on both pictures though. When he was created as a character for Forgotten Realms, he was a Cleric of Selune, the Moon Goddess.

This is no longer the case, and he has therefore obviously gone through an armor redesign, as I’ll show later. His coloring is also slightly different. More of a burnt red rather than the bright red in this picture. And his eyes are green instead of red now as well.

Again, make sure to visit DeeDeeSteele‘s website if you like it!


Writing Schedule

Hey everybody! Another short one today.

So, with having set up what I needed to set up, I’m going to be setting up a new writing schedule. Of course, this means that I’m going to be posting more story snippits soon!

I think I’ve been worrying so much about getting right and not enough about well, writing it.

So to the writing. I have enough preparations down, after all.

My plan is to write about 6,000-10,000 words a day. Sounds like a lot, but it really isn’t. [For me.] The first year I did NaNoWriMo I did 35,000 words in the first four days. That’s about 8,750 words a day. And I didn’t really have much plot or anything with that. I had no real idea where I was going with that when I wrote that.

The stories I currently have, I have a fairly good idea of a plot, pretty well fleshed out characters, and a rich world to put them in. At least 4,000 of those words must be for my Alyse story, and 2,000 of them must be for my Mairwen stories. After that, it’s free game. The other 4,000 words can be for whatever else.

Whether it be Adrienne’s story, or one of my [many] fanfics. And some of my fanfics are begging to be updated. I’ve been a little slacking.

Well, of course this means I’m going to need to do daily updates with all of these.

Guess we’ll see how it goes! [I am also going to be stating which stories were written in and how many words. Yay for updating! :p]

Plot Types

Short post today lovelies.

While working on my novels, I’ve been going over the plots. Especially the plots for Alyse’s story and Adrienne’s.

Mairwen’s, as I said before, it already pretty well established. Much of the short stories are coming of age type of plots, while the novella is a quest plot. I am going to be organizing the stories in her series soon, preparing all of them for publishing and writing. (Since not all of them are currently written, after all, only some.)

Alyse’s story has the beginning of a plot, a shaky middle plot, and no real ending. The whole story is rather loose at the moment. I have scenes. Lots of scenes. Her story needs the most work. I don’t want to do the traditional fantasy plot of epic quest, but it’s hard to avoid it when it comes to fantasy.

Adrienne’s is a quest, but not the usual kind. Her story contains too much to worry about specific plot details now. She’s likely to star in far more stories than the others, and reappear in different things. So her stories involve a few different plots. Including a defeat the monster plot. Well. Needless to say, lots of plot in there.

Sex Scene Without the Sex

So the title indicates a very odd scene I wrote recently for a fanfiction. It is for the fanfiction that is a Marvel cross-over, and I have to say I quite like it.

The character, Persephone, is the one indirectly narrating the scene, and her mind is hazy and indistinct from previous events, and as this is the beginning of the story, I did not want to start it with any spoilers, give-aways or overt sex.

However, the story starts with sex. There is no other way to put it, to start it. A lot of things happen because of this sex scene, and while I wanted to allude to it in more detail later on, I didn’t want to give the readers nothing.

So I wrote a sex scene without sex. In two ways, actually. Not only is there no graphic depiction of sex beyond the feelings of pleasure, Persephone’s partner’s sex is never mentioned.

Part of this is for story purposes, as I don’t wish to reveal her lover as of yet, but another part of it is simply how Persephone is.

She is pansexual, and has had partners of various sex and genders, and those things do not always register in her mind at first. Especially when her mind is already hazy and her body is moving by practice and nature.

It is in the first chapter of the story, Shadows Never Lie.

Heroes and Villains

It is quite common in fantasy novels to over play the good vs evil aspects of life. Where the heroes are good in every way conceivable, and the villains are true, pure evil that cannot be matched in reality.

While the trend in writing has started to veer from that, it’s hard to avoid. Simply because in a world of magic, of sweeping landscapes and escapism, it seems so ideal. It’s also much easier to write.

Which may be why I’ve run into problems with my antagonists.

None of my protagonists are really the ‘Hero’ type. A thief, a runaway and a brothel owner. None of them are out in the world trying to save it, trying for gold or glory or to be remembered.

Mairwen is an exiled thief, unaware of what she did to deserve her exile, surviving off what she can steal and having no qualms with doing so. Her past is shrouded in dark secrets that she is afraid to uncover, and most of the time, if she can avoid it, she won’t help others.

Alyse is a spoilt rich noble who longs for adventure and excitement, but find the idea of being a pirate or a thief far more entrancing than rescuing anyone. She’s thrust into an adventure that is more spurred by revenge rather than anything noble.

Adrienne is perhaps the darkest and the farthest from a hero of the three. She owns a brothel that she uses as a front to stay involved in the underground crime world. She uses whatever means she finds necessary to get the information she wants, and she’s not above killing people simply to make a point.

With such ‘heroes’, how can you create villains that properly mirror them?

When characters become more than good versus evil, the antagonist must be as in-depth and sympathetic as the protagonist.

Only Mairwen’s villain comes close to such an assessment. Her story allows for the conflict between the ‘hero’ and the ‘villain’ without either character being either in their entirety.

Sadly, Alyse and Adrienne’s antagonists have to be… something else. Alyse’s antagonist currently does not have depth. She is simplistic, rather than detailed, and she falls rather flat, reads rather boring.

And Adrienne’s? It seems too hard to write a proper antagonist for her. Then again, I shall perhaps have to wait for the villain to introduce themselves in the same way the rest of the characters have.

Character Art [CAW]: Alyse by DeeDeeSteele

Another piece of artwork of Alyse [first one here]. This time it’s an art request from a few years ago.

I requested this picture through GaiaOnline, I believe (or Menewsha, it has been a bit of time…) from DeeDeeSteele.

I’ll be honest, I like her artwork better than the last one I posted (my drawing). Partially because it’s coloured, and also partially because, well I just like it better.

The pose is dynamic, the color are soft, and the clothing flows well.

This was requested back when I was debating whether her hair was brown, black or auburn. She’s still in her ‘thinner’ stage in this picture as well.

Be sure to visit DeeDeeSteele‘s website! :3

Publishing Options

Once again I am reminded of how close I have no real idea when it comes to publishing. Especially in regards with my plans for my own stories. So far, my plans are thus:

  • Mairwen’s story, which is largely a series of short stories and a novella, I intend to publish largely through fantasy literary magazines first. Once it’s hit the time limit for legal reasons (many literary magazines ask you to wait before republishing the content included. A lot of the time it is simply waiting until the story hits print, other times it’s longer.) Then at that point, publishing through Kindle in ‘collections’, which will include some of the short stories and details that were not in any magazine for various reason [Too short, doesn’t stand alone, etc.], as well as reserving the novella for kindle publication.
  • Alyse’s story, which is at least one novel and a couple short stories, will be released by itself, probably on kindle. The short stories will be published either on kindle as a collection or in fantasy literary magazines. Either way, they’re more intended as ‘previews’ and teasers.
  • Adrienne’s story is perhaps the biggest issue. As her story has so much more to tell, I don’t even know what format it will be taking right now. She tends to just take charge of her own story and throws my ideas out the window. It’s rather frustrating. On the bright side, I have time. I don’t want to worry about publishing her story until after most of Mairwen and Alyse’s stories are out. Far too much perfectionism in there.

I also realize that I am far less biased against self-publishing, ebooks and independent publishing than I used to be. Though there are reasons that I want to avoid publishing houses for Mairwen and Alyse’s stories, but we’ll get to that later.

Adrienne’s story may be the only one to go through a publishing house.

I believe part of this is because I now know enough about marketing that I’m not concerned about not having a publisher to do that for me. (One of the biggest draws to traditional publishing is the fact that your publisher is going to be getting your books out there.)