I have an general ponderance regarding the general feel towards necromancy. I’ve noticed that necromancy is often considered a taboo, or an evil art. There are many stories where the art of necromancy is seen as nothing but evil or, at the very least, foolish.

Some stories have the follies or evils of necromancy be a vital part of the plot [Harry Potter and Full Metal Alchemist are two examples], while others display those who practice necromancy as evil.

Now, part of this, I believe is because of a misunderstanding of the word and the tradition of it. Traditionally, Necromancy refers to the act of communicating with spirits for the purpose of divination. It became one of the ‘black magics’ around the Renaissance era, associated with demons and the such.

But traditionally, a medium, is a necromancer. They speak with the dead. We do not, however, associate the two. It was largely the Christianity movement [where resurrection was thought of as impossible without the assistance of a Christian God] that blackened the name, as it is common in many pagan and shamanistic cultures. They associated the practice with demons and that’s where it became evil.


Well, I had to do a little digging for that because one of the races featured in the Exiled/Noble Bard world [name pending…] is largely involved in necromancy. Not in the usual evil races of fantasy way, where they bring zombies to life and wage war against other races, but more in the traditional way, as well as some complicated resurrection and healing-type magic.

I’m not going to go into the specific details of what the magic is at the moment, due to my current attempts at making it sound plausible and my uncertainty in whether it will be included, but the magic would definitely be called necromancy without being evil.

So I ask you, my lovely readers, can there be necromancy in a ‘good’-aligned race? Or do you think that it would disturb many people and lead them to consider the race evil?

I’m mostly asking to know how much of it I let out to what audience as this setting is fantasy, but allows for various settings within it [including romance, horror, suspense, mystery, etc.].


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