Character Art

I am going to start posting character artwork on Wednesdays. They will be either my own, fan art, or commissioned/requested artwork. I will be doing this for a couple of reasons.

  • Since I’m coming closer to publishing, I would like to share more details of my stories and characters. I would love for people to get a visual representation of the characters.
  • I like drawing my characters, and I like sharing them. I do have a significant amount of artwork stored. A lot of it is on my Deviantart account, and I will be re-sharing some on here that are not ‘new’ on there.
  • I would like to give credit to artists who I have requested artwork from, or have drawn my characters for me or have been commissioned. I love artists and I love to support them.

So to start off I will post some of my earliest artwork of my characters. In this case, Alyse, way back when she was designed for submission to Forgotten Realms.

This is Alyse! The artwork is kind of terrible by my current standards, but overall, her design has changed the least.  She still looks about the same. The biggest difference is she has a little more meat on her bones now.

She’s soft and squishy from leading a noble’s life. As she would be. Throughout the story she losses some of the baby fat, but as she never participates in high strength activities, she keeps a significant amount of it.

Next week is Caalix. :3

Note: If someone wants to draw any of my characters, I will be happy to post the artwork and a link to your website on my blog! If you don’t have an officially website, I can link it to your email, your facebook page, or whatever else you’d like. I love artwork. :3

Also, not all of the artwork included in Character Art Wednesdays (CAW) will be drawings. Some of them will be doll makers, photo manipulations and (someday) cosplay!


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