Characters that Create Themselves

Sometimes you get a character so powerful in personality that they insinuate themselves into a story. They take over without a second thought and you reread and suddenly, there they are!

You certainly did intend for them to be there, or do that, or anything of the sort.

Adrienne was one such character. I created her, back as an RPG character, and she quickly took on a mind (and story), of her own.

And it seems that Adrienne is attracting more characters like her. Soroth, a secondary character in her story, briefly mentioned in the snippit I posted. When I wrote that, I only had a general idea, really. But now he is his own character in the same manner that Adrienne is.

If I’m writing and they wouldn’t do such a thing they let me know. Interactions are seamless, natural, as if they are two real people and I’m watching them.

Their ilk has, of course, invited another such character. Still in her infant stages, she’s Adrienne’s friend, Soroth’s lover, and a Cambion to boot. Her name is Rana Basira, and I don’t know too much about her, but she’s busy creating herself, it seems.


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