Writing as the Opposite Sex

So in one of my fanfictions, as I’ve mentioned, I’m doing a fair amount of the writing from a male perspective rather than a female perspective. In this case I do specify sex instead of gender because I have written some female characters who were a little gender-off. Whether they acted more like boys or what isn’t the issue.

Actually writing from the perspective of a male character has been an odd experience for me.

Not bad, not necessarily hard, just really odd, and for some reason, a little uncomfortable. Which is probably why I don’t do it too often.

I’m not sure why it feels a little uncomfortable to write first person as a male, but I think it lies with a fear of getting it wrong.

I’ve never been a man (barring reincarnationist theory), so it is an odd experience. I don’t want to get it wrong, as I’ve seen before, perhaps more often with men writing female characters.

In the end, though, there isn’t really a ton of difference, I don’t think, if I avoid over stereotyping. We’ll see though.



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