Character Development

So last week I mentioned in my blog that sometimes, Characters Create Themselves.

As I mentioned, I now have three characters for one story that doesn’t have a very stable plot. Desarmement, however, is the newest story, and one that I want to wait before getting ready to publish. So I’d rather write the other ones first.

The issue with this however, is the opposite.

The Noble Bard and The Exiled have plot and purpose, but the characters lack the same depth as those in Desarmement.

I will be reading Plot Versus Character: A Balanced Approach to Writing Great Fiction and seeing if it has any advice, since balance is definitely what I need in both of the examples.

So in addition to readingPlot Versus Character, I am also going to be working on some character prompts, practices and whatever sort of things I can find. I’ll be adding links, and sharing some small snippits of these prompts.

Opinions will be appreciated, lovies. :3


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