Another Fanfiction to the List

With a few fanfictions currently under works, I am reluctant to admit that there is another to be added to the list. Though this one is as much of an experiment in method and medium as it is a story.

It is a Marvel Universe fanfiction, one that has been revived and revised from years ago, with much more added.

It has three parts, and crosses a couple different already created plot-lines. It follows the life of a mutant named Persephone Grace Sullivan, who prefers to balance the fence between ‘good’ and ‘evil’.

The first part will be a shorter, simple fanfiction set during X-Men Evolution series. I am not going to try to hard on making it my best work, as this part will focus on method. The plot and the character are already there. I will simply be adding bits and pieces in. It will be a practice of simply completing it, revising it, and working with something to make it seem believable. Persephone must fit into the X-men Evolution world and become a part of the story without distorting it.

The second part is more an experiment in medium. I will need to find a helper with it, as I intend for it to be a short web-[fan]comic, set after the events of X-men Evolution. The parts of the story that were not told due to the cancellation of the series. While I am an artist, comics is not my forte, and I will likely be seeking another artist/writer to help with this part. If I do find that, it will also be an exercise in collaborating.

The third part ties the first two in with the new movie, The Avengers. Set after the movie by a couple years, it gives reference to the comic versions of the team, as well. This part is a practice in method: emotion and characterization are the key elements. After the events of ‘part two’, Persephone is a different character, and I want that to be obvious in the feel of the writing.

More information as it comes, as well as snippits of all my stories soon.

The third part of the story is called ‘Shadows Never Lie’, and it’s up right now.


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