Sex Scene Without the Sex

So the title indicates a very odd scene I wrote recently for a fanfiction. It is for the fanfiction that is a Marvel cross-over, and I have to say I quite like it.

The character, Persephone, is the one indirectly narrating the scene, and her mind is hazy and indistinct from previous events, and as this is the beginning of the story, I did not want to start it with any spoilers, give-aways or overt sex.

However, the story starts with sex. There is no other way to put it, to start it. A lot of things happen because of this sex scene, and while I wanted to allude to it in more detail later on, I didn’t want to give the readers nothing.

So I wrote a sex scene without sex. In two ways, actually. Not only is there no graphic depiction of sex beyond the feelings of pleasure, Persephone’s partner’s sex is never mentioned.

Part of this is for story purposes, as I don’t wish to reveal her lover as of yet, but another part of it is simply how Persephone is.

She is pansexual, and has had partners of various sex and genders, and those things do not always register in her mind at first. Especially when her mind is already hazy and her body is moving by practice and nature.

It is in the first chapter of the story, Shadows Never Lie.


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