Plot Types

Short post today lovelies.

While working on my novels, I’ve been going over the plots. Especially the plots for Alyse’s story and Adrienne’s.

Mairwen’s, as I said before, it already pretty well established. Much of the short stories are coming of age type of plots, while the novella is a quest plot. I am going to be organizing the stories in her series soon, preparing all of them for publishing and writing. (Since not all of them are currently written, after all, only some.)

Alyse’s story has the beginning of a plot, a shaky middle plot, and no real ending. The whole story is rather loose at the moment. I have scenes. Lots of scenes. Her story needs the most work. I don’t want to do the traditional fantasy plot of epic quest, but it’s hard to avoid it when it comes to fantasy.

Adrienne’s is a quest, but not the usual kind. Her story contains too much to worry about specific plot details now. She’s likely to star in far more stories than the others, and reappear in different things. So her stories involve a few different plots. Including a defeat the monster plot. Well. Needless to say, lots of plot in there.


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