CAW: Adrienne Lilith Riddle

This week for Character Art Wednesday is my character, Adrienne Riddle! She is from my story ‘Desarmement‘. She is one of my favorite characters.

She was, originally for a Harry Potter roleplay message board called Harry Potter Haven.

She was created as a Slytherin character, but I had too many ideas for her and adapting her story into an original one rather than keeping it as a fanfiction just made more sense.

Especially as it all strayed farther and farther from HP-verse. The magic in her original story is now so far from Harry Potter magic that it is barely recognizable as inspired. No more wands, for one.

Her design is largely the same, though this is a younger version of her. The snake’s name is Shiroi, and is an albino ball python.


2 thoughts on “CAW: Adrienne Lilith Riddle

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