CAW: Desarmement Characters

Still using Lunaii’s Dollmaker. It’s just very easy to use.

This preview only shows three characters. A surprise compared to the other two I posted.

That’s because Desarmement has fewer recurring characters presently. There are two reasons for that: this story is less romance and group inclusive, and because Adrienne does not take note of many people.

Adrienne is the main character, Soroth is an acquaintance/friend/partner of hers, and Rana is a friend/employee of hers.

Soroth looks far more effeminate in this picture than he should. He also looks far more attractive than he should. He is not ugly, but he is also not traditionally handsome. He is simply charming enough that no one cares.

Rana actually looks pretty good, considering she was the latest addition to the group. She’s a cambion and perhaps the most eccentric of the group.



I’m currently going over the book Plot Versus Character in order to get a better, concrete example of the characters in my story. It isn’t a theoretical book, but rather, it’s intended to be instructional. Sort of a ‘Here’s the steps, get to it!’.

So, on the subject of getting to it… Character ‘layering’ is the first step including. Picking the core personality and moving from there, until your character is a fully-fleshed person. Not just a cardboard cut-out.

As characters are my forte, this shouldn’t be too hard. I am, however, not only doing the main character in each story, but also the important characters. IE. All of the main characters. The ones listed here on a regular basis. And I may even do some of my fanfiction characters as well. Just for the heck of it.

Well, it starts with the Myer-Briggs personality types. So here we go.

Alyse: ESTP The Doer

Kaine: INFP The Idealist

Caalix: ESTJ The Guardian

Lucretia: INTP The Thinker

Adrienne: INTJ The Scientist

Soroth: ENTP The Visionary

Rana: EFSP The Performer

Mairwen: ENFP The Inspirer

Finn: INFJ The Protector

Ciar: ESTJ The Guardian

Aonghus: ENFJ The Giver

Well, that took me a few minutes because I checked and double checked a couple different sources to make sure I had it write. But. I think that these are correct. Took long enough. Definitely interesting to think about, however, since I already have some idea of the characters in my head. Which ones are similar, which ones are more different than I thought.

Characters that Create Themselves

Sometimes you get a character so powerful in personality that they insinuate themselves into a story. They take over without a second thought and you reread and suddenly, there they are!

You certainly did intend for them to be there, or do that, or anything of the sort.

Adrienne was one such character. I created her, back as an RPG character, and she quickly took on a mind (and story), of her own.

And it seems that Adrienne is attracting more characters like her. Soroth, a secondary character in her story, briefly mentioned in the snippit I posted. When I wrote that, I only had a general idea, really. But now he is his own character in the same manner that Adrienne is.

If I’m writing and they wouldn’t do such a thing they let me know. Interactions are seamless, natural, as if they are two real people and I’m watching them.

Their ilk has, of course, invited another such character. Still in her infant stages, she’s Adrienne’s friend, Soroth’s lover, and a Cambion to boot. Her name is Rana Basira, and I don’t know too much about her, but she’s busy creating herself, it seems.