NaNoWriMo Reboot

For those who followed, I rebooted my NaNoWriMo a couple days ago. Vowing to write 50k words in 5 days. Well, I’m on my way, though I may have to extend it past five days.

Adrienne, the little rebel that she is, is not liking my plots and turning my story every which way. I try to give her an officer, she instead goes after the man who tried to kill her. Go figure.

But the words are flowing. I was unable to write yesterday due to work, but on Saturday I sat down and wrote down over 5k.

Let me give you a sneak peek at what I’ve written.

He smirked as he stared at her from across the booth, the concern in her eyes apparent to him now that he knew her. When he had first met her, there had been nothing in those eyes. Nothing that he could see, at least. He could sense none of her motives, none of her humanity, but it was now that he knew her that he knew what little movements in her face meant. Her eyes darted to the door as it opened, and he knew that she was concerned.

As she took the final sip of her absinthe, he knew it was only a matter of time before she left him here. It was inevitable. He reached forward slowly, careful not to startle her as he grasped her hand gently. This seemed to surprise her as she turned her attention to him abruptly, an expression of soft surprise painted across her delicate features. It was moments like this that he wished that they were normal humans. He wished to reach forward and kiss her like he did so often, to claim her like he had before, but for it to have a meaning beyond pleasure. His other hand snaked forward and grasped her cheek carefully, gently caressing her cheek.

Be careful.” He said softly. She nodded, turning towards his hand affectionately before standing. She nodded towards the bartender. They both knew that he would pay the bill. It was tradition. He frowned as she strode out of the pub, her heels making a clicking noise with each step. Another wave of his hand and he leaned back in his seat, his eyes watching her carefully. She spared him only one glance before she left.

I’ll still have to make revisions before I finish, but this is an interaction between Adrienne and Soroth. Loving it so far. 🙂


NaNoWriMo is ending…

I am very disappointed in myself. And many of you who have been doing NaNoWriMo this year probably are as well. 50,000 words in a month. It’s a big hurdle, but I know for a fact that it is possible.

My first year I did about 34k words in the first four days. After that I kind of gave up a little. I didn’t have time, as I had gotten a job on the fifth day. My second job ever, in fact. Since then I have not been able to finish NaNoWriMo, or even come close.

This year has been no different, really. I decided to do a story that the idea I liked, but I had been unable to get very far in the story. Even trying to write it as a series of short stories has had no effect.

I tried to get my friends to join me, and they have, but without a word count or updates, it’s not the competition I was hoping for. None the less, I am going to try something different.

Five days left, and I am going to start over. 50,000 words in five days. I am not doing the story I had originally, however.

I am going to write Adrienne’s Story.

Adrienne is one of my most prolific characters. She is a character I would consider to be the most alive, the most realistic. The most developed.

She sits on my shoulder and comments about everything I do, everything I write. So she gets to have her story told this time.