Publishing Options

Once again I am reminded of how close I have no real idea when it comes to publishing. Especially in regards with my plans for my own stories. So far, my plans are thus:

  • Mairwen’s story, which is largely a series of short stories and a novella, I intend to publish largely through fantasy literary magazines first. Once it’s hit the time limit for legal reasons (many literary magazines ask you to wait before republishing the content included. A lot of the time it is simply waiting until the story hits print, other times it’s longer.) Then at that point, publishing through Kindle in ‘collections’, which will include some of the short stories and details that were not in any magazine for various reason [Too short, doesn’t stand alone, etc.], as well as reserving the novella for kindle publication.
  • Alyse’s story, which is at least one novel and a couple short stories, will be released by itself, probably on kindle. The short stories will be published either on kindle as a collection or in fantasy literary magazines. Either way, they’re more intended as ‘previews’ and teasers.
  • Adrienne’s story is perhaps the biggest issue. As her story has so much more to tell, I don’t even know what format it will be taking right now. She tends to just take charge of her own story and throws my ideas out the window. It’s rather frustrating. On the bright side, I have time. I don’t want to worry about publishing her story until after most of Mairwen and Alyse’s stories are out. Far too much perfectionism in there.

I also realize that I am far less biased against self-publishing, ebooks and independent publishing than I used to be. Though there are reasons that I want to avoid publishing houses for Mairwen and Alyse’s stories, but we’ll get to that later.

Adrienne’s story may be the only one to go through a publishing house.

I believe part of this is because I now know enough about marketing that I’m not concerned about not having a publisher to do that for me. (One of the biggest draws to traditional publishing is the fact that your publisher is going to be getting your books out there.)