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I know I’ve been MIA. A lot has happened recently since my ‘Writing Schedule’ Post. I haven’t been able to update my blog (aside from the Character Art Wednesdays) as often as I would like because of this.

Most of it is because of my friend’s passing. It has hit me pretty hard, and while I have continued to write, I have focused on the [fiction] writing and none of my non-fiction or blog writings.

After attending the memorial and spending a lot of time thinking about things in general, I am going to be making a lot of changes. You can check out my ‘Current Stories’ page for specific updates on each story.

I will be included word count, status (whether it’s my ‘active’ story or not), related categories, outside links, and publishing updates (fanfictions will have different publishing updates than the original fiction as they are published differently).


So check it out and keep an eye open for more updates! :3



I’m currently going over the book Plot Versus Character in order to get a better, concrete example of the characters in my story. It isn’t a theoretical book, but rather, it’s intended to be instructional. Sort of a ‘Here’s the steps, get to it!’.

So, on the subject of getting to it… Character ‘layering’ is the first step including. Picking the core personality and moving from there, until your character is a fully-fleshed person. Not just a cardboard cut-out.

As characters are my forte, this shouldn’t be too hard. I am, however, not only doing the main character in each story, but also the important characters. IE. All of the main characters. The ones listed here on a regular basis. And I may even do some of my fanfiction characters as well. Just for the heck of it.

Well, it starts with the Myer-Briggs personality types. So here we go.

Alyse: ESTP The Doer

Kaine: INFP The Idealist

Caalix: ESTJ The Guardian

Lucretia: INTP The Thinker

Adrienne: INTJ The Scientist

Soroth: ENTP The Visionary

Rana: EFSP The Performer

Mairwen: ENFP The Inspirer

Finn: INFJ The Protector

Ciar: ESTJ The Guardian

Aonghus: ENFJ The Giver

Well, that took me a few minutes because I checked and double checked a couple different sources to make sure I had it write. But. I think that these are correct. Took long enough. Definitely interesting to think about, however, since I already have some idea of the characters in my head. Which ones are similar, which ones are more different than I thought.

New Scheduling

Hey everyone.

So I’m going to be trying a new schedule here soon so bare with me. I want to try to update daily instead of weekly. I haven’t decided if I’m doing it by topic, by story, or by progress (and keeping to one story at a time). If you have an opinion, let me know, I’d love to hear it!

I am also going to start linking to other blogs and other websites soon as well.

Whether it’s because I liked their post that day, I feel the author needs some love, I was inspired, or they included some useful tips and information.

Book reviews and non-story related technical topics (such as general commentary, nonfiction writing and general writing tips) are going to be on my other blog The Caffeinated Writer. Yes, I will include links as it updates, but that blog will be updating slower than this one, and I don’t want to completely flood this blog.

Female Protagonists

I am currently on the hunt for books [specifically fantasy and science fiction, of any sub-genre] with strong female protagonists. Largely because my current in progress novels [two Epic Fantasy setting and one Historical Fantasy setting] all contain female protagonists.

What does that mean to me?

That the main character, or one of the main characters, is a woman who:

  • Does not constantly need saving. [If she is saved by a male character, it is ‘forgiven’ if she later saves a male character, especially the male protagonist.]
  • Does not display victim behaviour. Even if bad things happen, she is not waiting around for other people to fix things for her. [She’s allowed to ask for help, but she is doing so out of her own initiative and remains the driving force and main participant behind her ‘quest’.]
  • Is not obsessed with finding a “knight in shining armor” or some other man to come and save her. [She is allowed romance, but they must be displayed as either equals or close to it. She is not subservient to her lover. Bonus points for any sort of LGBT romances here.]
  • She does not fall perfectly into the typical virgin/princess archetypes. [She can be either, but she is portrayed as a balanced person rather than an extreme of either. Bonus for a strong female who falls into the ‘Whore’ archetype but isn’t portrayed as evil.]

I may add more as I think of them, and I will definitely start to make a list of the novels that I believe have strong female protagonists. Right now I am readingĀ Beguilement (The Sharing Knife, Book 1) as recommended to me by a friend.

I’ll let everyone know how it is once I finish it!


Love and Sex in Fiction

Romance Novels notwithstanding, there is a lot to be said about love and sex in fiction. I’m not going to focus on my issues with sex scenes in romance novels (I’ve yet to have stars explode behind my eyes), and I’m going to be a little candid here about the subject.

I am a fantasy writer first and foremost, which is a genre that often only touches on either subject. Love more so than sex. And while I have little interest in writing a fantasy romance novel, I also don’t want to ignore it. I mentioned sexuality and gender in a previous post that I have only one character that is asexual. Maybe a little ironic, her story contains the most sex and the least romance, simply because of the plot.

But the others are very romantically diverse. Since the ‘Love’ aspect is a bigger part I’ll start there. One of the fanfictions I’m currently working on contains a somewhat taboo relationship. A polyamorous one. Now, it’s based off of the Dragon Age series, which already leaves some acceptance of it, but not entirely. The idea that one can (or perhaps should) only love one person is still there, and I do understand that it is the common way of thinking of relationships.

Which is why I’m exploring the topic in my writing in this fanfiction. The main character, Beatrix, is a sexually empowered woman who falls in love with multiple characters for different reasons. The story covers some introductions into bisexuality and polyamory for one of Bea’s partners.

Polyamory in and of itself is a bit of a hot button for some people. There are a lot of people out there that consider it bad, or that those who engage in it are just wanting to ‘have their cake and eat it too’. I, however don’t believe that.

And without giving too much away, many of my stories (including my novel) involve, to some degree, polyamory. One of them has a love triangle that works in it’s own way.

But beyond the different romantic patterns that can be established, I’m also going to be exploring various different aspects of love. I rarely describe my love for my friends as equating them to siblings and I think it’s a bit of a cop-out, to be honest. So describing love is going to have a bit of a role when necessary.

And now for the sex… Now, I’ll be honest, despite having had sex, writing it can be a bit difficult. So even though I get annoyed at the idealistic and often times laughably ‘neat’ sex scenes, I usually don’t try to write better myself. While leaving out the sex scenes is not a big deal, my characters definitely have sex. Many of them, a lot of it.

You remember I’ve mentioned most of my protagonists are women? They are, and for the most part, I prefer to make them sexually empowered. They are not ashamed to be having sex. A big part of this, and I could go on about it for some time, is that I am not ashamed of sex and I don’t believe anyone should be. While I won’t go into a long rant about sexual empowerment, I do believe that this is another one of those things that gets played to the male fantasy in fantasy novels.

Women are often directly or indirectly shamed for having sex. While this is getting much better in fantasy novels, it is still there. Not as obvious as it used to be, with female protagonists becoming common, which is great. Women who are able to have sex without immediately falling in love with the man who they had sex with.

But the idea still persists, and there is definitely still an undertone of the female protagonists wanting their ‘knight in shining armor’. I, personally, like women who are not really looking for anything romantically. If they stumble upon their partner, whatever gender or mold they might be, fine. No biggie.

(And this ending up being more about love than sex, but oh well.)

Races for Novel!

Alright, so I mentioned that I would be updating with race images soon, right?

Well, here they are!

Most of the Races included in the Novel

On Deviantart

In order from left to right:

Korrigan (Female)
Haltija (Male)
Sidhe (Female)
Human (Male)
Huldra (Female)
Urisk (Male)
Tomte (Female)

More information to come!


Small Update for the Last Post

So a small update on the last posting ‘Writing With an Outline’, I finished outlining the chapters for my Dragon Age: Origins fanfic, as well as my Dragon Age II fanfic. The DA:O fanfic has 78 chapters planned out now, while the DAII fanfic has 105 chapters.

(And both with possible sequels that may or may not be as long)

While I am going to have to see how this will translate into my writing, I actually think I like this very basic form of outlining that I did. I don’t give an itemized list, but a summary of the chapters.

So far it’s not a bad idea, but I am concerned that I will get bored with writing them now that I know whats going to happen in each chapter. Even if it is basic. I suppose we’ll see.

I’m aware that it will be much different, however, when the story is my own and I don’t have a timeline already pre-determined. But it’s a start, and an interesting one at that.