Current Stories

Original Fiction:

I will be publishing my short stories in literary magazines shortly.

I will also be putting some of them on my fictionpress account.

Currently there are outdated rabbles of ‘The Noble Bard’ from back when I had meant it for Forgotten Realms.

Titles currently in works are:

The Noble Bard: A sword and sorcery fantasy novel featuring the tale of Alyse young woman trying to find her way through revenge, adventure and romance with the help of a young thief Kaine.

  • Wordcount: 15, 783
  • Status: In works. Semi-Active.

The Exiled: A dark fantasy short story series set in the same world as The Noble Bard, following the adventures of a thief named Mairwen who is looking for a place to call home while being branded as a criminal.

  • Wordcount: 14,565
  • Status: In Works. Preparing first Short Story in ‘series’ for publication.

Desarmement: A dark urban fantasy, with a bit of a mystery feel. Adrienne, the proprietor of the Desarmement de Cupidon, a seedy brothel in London, starts uncovering a plot she quickly becomes entrenched in something even darker.

  • Wordcount: 2,039
  • Status: In Planning stages, some written.


If you wish you read my fanfictions, they are published here on my fanfiction account. Before reading these, I will warn you that my fanfictions are usually written with little editing, even less planning, and are almost entirely subject to inspiration. I use them largely as experiments in style, flights of fancy, and to cheer myself up if the need arises.

They are not good representations of my abilities. They are, however, great representations of how I write when I really don’t give a damn.

Sparkling: Growing up at Sector Seven is hard. Especially when you don’t understand why everybody is afraid of the giant mechanical man frozen in time.

  • Chapters: 3
  • Wordcount: 2,968
  • Status: On Hiatus

Nothing, Nothing, Tra La La?: The Labyrinth is engaged in war, the King is weak and there are few willing to ally with him. While his Labyrinth provides sufficient defenses, it can only do so for so long and the the King knows it, waiting for the only one who can assure victory.

  • Chapters: 22
  • Wordcount: 35,681
  • Status: On Hold Indefinitely pending re-write.

Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves: The Forgotten Wardens: Everyone remembers the great King Alistair and the noble Warden Commander Cousland, but they weren’t the only Grey Wardens to stop the blight.

  • Status: Unpublished. Working on sporadically; planned.
  • Wordcount: 8,144

Hawke Family Values: When Varric told his story to Cassandra Pentaghast, he left out a few details. The Champion had a twin. Bethany didn’t die, and there is more to the events at Kirkwall than the Seekers believed.

  • Status: Unpublished, working on sporadically; planned.
  • Wordcount: 21,808

Mischief, Rum and Comic Book Wishes: Amelia Samuels was your average Comic-Con nerd. She dressed up, waited in line to get swag, and dreamed of a chance to meet the real Avengers like in some of the silly fan-fictions she read. Little did she realize that she’d get her wish soon enough.

  • Chapters: 10
  • Wordcount: 46,263
  • Status: Weekly Updates. Active.

Shadows Never Lie: Chaos and Mischief go well together. It’s a wonder she had never understood it before. It wasn’t until she was face to face with the God of Lies that she couldn’t deny what she was.

  • Chapters: 13
  • Wordcount: 17,002
  • Status: Currently Shelved, hoping to update soon.

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