CAW: The Exiled Characters

Yet again I am using Lunaii Dollmaker.

Mairwen, Finn, Ciar and Aonghus

This time it is characters from the Exiled Storyline.

Some notable differences between this image and the actual character faces is that Mairwen and Finn’s facial tattoos are not included.

Yes, Finn and Ciar are identical twins. Yes, there is a major personality difference between the two of them.

Mairwen, Finn, and Ciar are Maegi (or Seelie), while Aonghus is an Urisk.

The Exiled story is intended to be a series of short stories and novellas, with perhaps one novel.


CAW: NB/E Races Urisk

Another set of racial faces made using Lunaii Dollmaker.

Based largely off of the traditional urisk of Scottish folklore.

I largely took the goat-legged look for this race, and yes, they have a darker skin tone than the traditional.

Aonghus from the Exiled is an Urisk.


CAW: NB/E Races Sidhe

More racial representations using Lunaii’s Dollmaker. This time it is the Sidhe race.

Sidhe Faces

As you can tell, they are a far more androgynous race.  They’re also far more pale.

Since they’re based largely off of the traditional Sidhe of Irish mythology, I did stick with the ‘fair folk’ pretty closely.

Kaine is half-Sidhe.

CAW: Mini Adrienne

Another short post this week. A very small picture of Adrienne!

This picture is very small and actually part of an art style I rarely use. I call it mini-chibi. It’s a typical chibi style drawing, but smaller. I draw it at a size where the head starts as the size of a dime.

So yes, that picture is actual size. If not a bit bigger, actually. Hm. I’ll have to compare to be sure. But there is an uncoloured version of her (and the other characters from HPH) if you click the small Adrienne.

CAW: Adrienne Riddle by Danendesign

I did Adrienne last week, and again this week. As it stands, she has the most artwork collected for her. So don’t be surprised if you see a lot of artwork for her. More than the others. At least for a bit.

This picture of Adrienne was drawn for me by my friend over at Danendesign. She is a personal friend of mine and she drew this for me as a gift.

I absolutely love the face and the hair in this picture. The expression is somewhere between mild curiosity, kindness and boredom. Which is pretty fitting for an earlier Adrienne.

Be sure to visit her Danendesign Deviantart!

Character Art [CAW]: Alyse by DeeDeeSteele

Another piece of artwork of Alyse [first one here]. This time it’s an art request from a few years ago.

I requested this picture through GaiaOnline, I believe (or Menewsha, it has been a bit of time…) from DeeDeeSteele.

I’ll be honest, I like her artwork better than the last one I posted (my drawing). Partially because it’s coloured, and also partially because, well I just like it better.

The pose is dynamic, the color are soft, and the clothing flows well.

This was requested back when I was debating whether her hair was brown, black or auburn. She’s still in her ‘thinner’ stage in this picture as well.

Be sure to visit DeeDeeSteele‘s website! :3