Dragon Age Origins Fanfic Starter

This is the small free-writing that inspired my Dragon Age Origins fanfic. Written January 23rd. Not sure where the idea came from, but it popped up, I wrote it and here it is, unedited. [ For better or for worse.]

The five of them huddled over the papers, all with slight frowns on their faces. Three of the papers were ancient beyond belief. It was a wonder that they were still intact. Indeed, none of them wanted to touch the documents more than they had to. A map sat next to the treaties, and they were staring at them in silence until one of them finally spoke up.
“I think… We should find the Dalish first.” The woman suggested with a frown, four pairs of eyes turned to her as she pointed at a spot on the map.
The reactions were varied. Alistair, a former Templar and the senior Grey Warden, pouted a little bit. He had been adamant in his desire to go to Redcliffe first. Neria, the elven mage, nodded thoughtfully, though her decision may have been rooted in her desire to see the Dalish. Daveth, the cutpurse and pick-pocket, nodded despite looking a bit skeptical, as if anywhere was good enough, but it was Aedan, the human nobleman whose home she had come from, was giving her an amused, patronizing sort of look. He still didn’t trust her judgement.
“Care to explain?” He asked in what was very likely his least patronizing tone. She shot a glare up at him before she spoke.
“I think that we should go with the hardest to convince to the easiest to convince.” She said shortly. This recieved another questioning look as the man raised an eyebrow.
“And why will the Dalish be hardest to convince?” He asked. For a moment, she said nothing, grinding her teeth a little before she let out a sigh.
“First off, the Dalish will be the hardest to find.” She explained carefully, making sure they all heard her, “Second of all, since they’re wanderers, since we’re, well, a group of largely humans…” She indicated towards everyone except for Neria, who nodded a little, “They could easily cast it off as a human problem. Third? They’re wanderers, why should they help us instead of simply leaving Fereldan for now?”
“You think they would abandon us?” Neria asked, slightly disbelieving now. Beatrix shook her head slightly.
“No, but out of all of them, they have the least to lose if they do not join us. Since the Dales fell, they have no one homeland. They’re wanderers.” She explained, before moving on, bringing her finger to rest on the Frostback Mountains. “The Dwarves will be easier to convince, though only slightly. They’ll be more willing to believe that it’s a Blight since the Deep Roads clear out a bit during them, and they hate the Darkspawn. It will be more convincing them to come to the surface to fight than anything else.
“The Mages already -had- forces at Ostagar, their Fereldan, and if we come with the promises of the other two groups, it’s only a matter of seeing how many forces we can get.” She moved her finger to Lake Calenhad where the Circle lay before finally resting it on Redcliffe, “And from what Alistair is saying, Arl Eamon will fairly easy to convince.”
She looked up at the group and noted the change in expression. Alistair was still pouting, but he seemed to agree with her. Neria had the look as if it had already been decided. Daveth wore a similiar look, but with a small smirk in her direction, and Aedan’s was an appraising look that rested firmly between a scowl and a smirk. Eventually, however, he nodded. It was decided, and she repressed the satisfied smile that tugged at her lips.
Aeden, she knew, would always be the hardest to convince in their group. She had spent too much time as his servant and she winced slightly at the thought- in his bed. After the first night they had fled Highever, and Duncan had likely heard their previous’ nights endeavors (and the story of how she had joined their little group), he had suggested that they should not sleep together anymore. In a way that had all but forbidden it. He had explained to her, later on, that he had done so for her benefit. It did not matter who she slept with, he had said, but if they were both to be Grey Wardens, he needed to see her in a different light. Not as his servant. It was working, somewhat. She knew that he still didn’t see her as an equal, she doubted he ever would.
Not my best, but giving you a little sample. The actual story has changed into an experiment. I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s first person for the whole story, switching to a different character in each chapter. Each character’s perspective provides a different challenge.
Aeden [Cousland Origin] is arrogant, and narcissistic, with an entitled attitude, a rather “typical” warrior noble. He is, however, also a charismatic and fair leader.
Beatrix is a free-spirited, casual tomboy who never aspired to more than the servant life and is very loyal to Aeden. But she finds her new freedom liberating and her attitude towards others lies somewhere between reckless and suspicious.
Niamh [Surana Origin] is quiet, analytic and very detail oriented. She’s also a naive wonder-struck romantic who hasn’t been outside the tower since she was a child.
Daveth is a thief and a pick-pocket, thank you very much. Raised in a small village, ran away when he was young, he is probably the least traditionally educated of the group.
Getting each character to sound balanced, genuine and [in Daveth’s case especially] realistic, will be interesting. It’s also definitely an experiment in creating and writing well-balanced characters. Especially when they’re the ones telling the story.
I’ll post a link when I start posting chapters. Ta-Ta!

Races for Novel!

Alright, so I mentioned that I would be updating with race images soon, right?

Well, here they are!

Most of the Races included in the Novel

On Deviantart

In order from left to right:

Korrigan (Female)
Haltija (Male)
Sidhe (Female)
Human (Male)
Huldra (Female)
Urisk (Male)
Tomte (Female)

More information to come!


NaNoWriMo Reboot

For those who followed, I rebooted my NaNoWriMo a couple days ago. Vowing to write 50k words in 5 days. Well, I’m on my way, though I may have to extend it past five days.

Adrienne, the little rebel that she is, is not liking my plots and turning my story every which way. I try to give her an officer, she instead goes after the man who tried to kill her. Go figure.

But the words are flowing. I was unable to write yesterday due to work, but on Saturday I sat down and wrote down over 5k.

Let me give you a sneak peek at what I’ve written.

He smirked as he stared at her from across the booth, the concern in her eyes apparent to him now that he knew her. When he had first met her, there had been nothing in those eyes. Nothing that he could see, at least. He could sense none of her motives, none of her humanity, but it was now that he knew her that he knew what little movements in her face meant. Her eyes darted to the door as it opened, and he knew that she was concerned.

As she took the final sip of her absinthe, he knew it was only a matter of time before she left him here. It was inevitable. He reached forward slowly, careful not to startle her as he grasped her hand gently. This seemed to surprise her as she turned her attention to him abruptly, an expression of soft surprise painted across her delicate features. It was moments like this that he wished that they were normal humans. He wished to reach forward and kiss her like he did so often, to claim her like he had before, but for it to have a meaning beyond pleasure. His other hand snaked forward and grasped her cheek carefully, gently caressing her cheek.

Be careful.” He said softly. She nodded, turning towards his hand affectionately before standing. She nodded towards the bartender. They both knew that he would pay the bill. It was tradition. He frowned as she strode out of the pub, her heels making a clicking noise with each step. Another wave of his hand and he leaned back in his seat, his eyes watching her carefully. She spared him only one glance before she left.

I’ll still have to make revisions before I finish, but this is an interaction between Adrienne and Soroth. Loving it so far. 🙂