CAW: Young Adrienne Sketch

Another picture of Adrienne. So far three in a row. (First and second). This one is just a quick sketch I did.

Just of her face in pencil. Not really too exciting, and not much to say about it, sorry.

A lot of CAW is going to be sketches with little to say, like this week’s. Sorry lovelies.


CAW: Adrienne Riddle by Danendesign

I did Adrienne last week, and again this week. As it stands, she has the most artwork collected for her. So don’t be surprised if you see a lot of artwork for her. More than the others. At least for a bit.

This picture of Adrienne was drawn for me by my friend over at Danendesign. She is a personal friend of mine and she drew this for me as a gift.

I absolutely love the face and the hair in this picture. The expression is somewhere between mild curiosity, kindness and boredom. Which is pretty fitting for an earlier Adrienne.

Be sure to visit her Danendesign Deviantart!

CAW: Adrienne Lilith Riddle

This week for Character Art Wednesday is my character, Adrienne Riddle! She is from my story ‘Desarmement‘. She is one of my favorite characters.

She was, originally for a Harry Potter roleplay message board called Harry Potter Haven.

She was created as a Slytherin character, but I had too many ideas for her and adapting her story into an original one rather than keeping it as a fanfiction just made more sense.

Especially as it all strayed farther and farther from HP-verse. The magic in her original story is now so far from Harry Potter magic that it is barely recognizable as inspired. No more wands, for one.

Her design is largely the same, though this is a younger version of her. The snake’s name is Shiroi, and is an albino ball python.

Heroes and Villains

It is quite common in fantasy novels to over play the good vs evil aspects of life. Where the heroes are good in every way conceivable, and the villains are true, pure evil that cannot be matched in reality.

While the trend in writing has started to veer from that, it’s hard to avoid. Simply because in a world of magic, of sweeping landscapes and escapism, it seems so ideal. It’s also much easier to write.

Which may be why I’ve run into problems with my antagonists.

None of my protagonists are really the ‘Hero’ type. A thief, a runaway and a brothel owner. None of them are out in the world trying to save it, trying for gold or glory or to be remembered.

Mairwen is an exiled thief, unaware of what she did to deserve her exile, surviving off what she can steal and having no qualms with doing so. Her past is shrouded in dark secrets that she is afraid to uncover, and most of the time, if she can avoid it, she won’t help others.

Alyse is a spoilt rich noble who longs for adventure and excitement, but find the idea of being a pirate or a thief far more entrancing than rescuing anyone. She’s thrust into an adventure that is more spurred by revenge rather than anything noble.

Adrienne is perhaps the darkest and the farthest from a hero of the three. She owns a brothel that she uses as a front to stay involved in the underground crime world. She uses whatever means she finds necessary to get the information she wants, and she’s not above killing people simply to make a point.

With such ‘heroes’, how can you create villains that properly mirror them?

When characters become more than good versus evil, the antagonist must be as in-depth and sympathetic as the protagonist.

Only Mairwen’s villain comes close to such an assessment. Her story allows for the conflict between the ‘hero’ and the ‘villain’ without either character being either in their entirety.

Sadly, Alyse and Adrienne’s antagonists have to be… something else. Alyse’s antagonist currently does not have depth. She is simplistic, rather than detailed, and she falls rather flat, reads rather boring.

And Adrienne’s? It seems too hard to write a proper antagonist for her. Then again, I shall perhaps have to wait for the villain to introduce themselves in the same way the rest of the characters have.

Characters that Create Themselves

Sometimes you get a character so powerful in personality that they insinuate themselves into a story. They take over without a second thought and you reread and suddenly, there they are!

You certainly did intend for them to be there, or do that, or anything of the sort.

Adrienne was one such character. I created her, back as an RPG character, and she quickly took on a mind (and story), of her own.

And it seems that Adrienne is attracting more characters like her. Soroth, a secondary character in her story, briefly mentioned in the snippit I posted. When I wrote that, I only had a general idea, really. But now he is his own character in the same manner that Adrienne is.

If I’m writing and they wouldn’t do such a thing they let me know. Interactions are seamless, natural, as if they are two real people and I’m watching them.

Their ilk has, of course, invited another such character. Still in her infant stages, she’s Adrienne’s friend, Soroth’s lover, and a Cambion to boot. Her name is Rana Basira, and I don’t know too much about her, but she’s busy creating herself, it seems.