CAW: Adrienne Inspiration Meme

After all of those avatars of the Noble Bard and Exiled setting races, I decided that it might be a good time to sneak Adrienne in.

This is an inspiration chart. They’re cycling all over Deviantart, courtesy of IzzyWinkle.

This shows some of the characters that I was inspired by when creating Adrienne. No, their size has little to do with how much they inspired the character.

I have realized that I could add more characters to this. Including Black Widow (Avengers), and a few more.

Can’t remember the others at the moment, but you get the idea.

You may recognize the artwork from a previous post. It is a coloured version of that sketch.


Desarmement Teaser

London is a cesspool of the “supernatural” as if the entire fae realm and all those surrounding decided that the city was perfect for their own devices. It sat very near one of the largest gates to the fae realm. It didn’t help that corruption and chaos ran rampant through the streets, attracting the otherkin like moths to a flame. The whole of the world had been changed. Innocence became an antiquated term for the masses, those who still treasured the attribute isolated in hidden alcoves of the world. Far away from the desecrated grounds of London. It had been five years since the gates had opened and the world had shifted, slowly falling into madness. Five years and Adrienne knew that she had played a role in these events.
The entire month of March had been wiped from her mind. Not a single image would drift past her eyes. Not a single memory of any sort came from that time. Her only recollection at all was when she ‘awoke’ on the last day of the month, a mere moment before the first of April, covered in blood. Dried, crusted and a rusted brown, it had entirely ruined the elegant dress she had been wearing. No bodies, however, none that she could find, at least. Just blood and the heavy emptiness in the pit of her stomach that she couldn’t quite name. The night was quickly pushed to the back of her memory as she went on as if everything was normal. Which, of course, it wasn’t. Not anymore.

NaNoWriMo is ending…

I am very disappointed in myself. And many of you who have been doing NaNoWriMo this year probably are as well. 50,000 words in a month. It’s a big hurdle, but I know for a fact that it is possible.

My first year I did about 34k words in the first four days. After that I kind of gave up a little. I didn’t have time, as I had gotten a job on the fifth day. My second job ever, in fact. Since then I have not been able to finish NaNoWriMo, or even come close.

This year has been no different, really. I decided to do a story that the idea I liked, but I had been unable to get very far in the story. Even trying to write it as a series of short stories has had no effect.

I tried to get my friends to join me, and they have, but without a word count or updates, it’s not the competition I was hoping for. None the less, I am going to try something different.

Five days left, and I am going to start over. 50,000 words in five days. I am not doing the story I had originally, however.

I am going to write Adrienne’s Story.

Adrienne is one of my most prolific characters. She is a character I would consider to be the most alive, the most realistic. The most developed.

She sits on my shoulder and comments about everything I do, everything I write. So she gets to have her story told this time.