Story Names… For Reference

So since I’m mentioning so many stories, I decided that it might be easier to name them for reference. So that nobody gets too confused. Especially me.

Original Stories:

The Noble Bard: A sword and sorcery fantasy novel featuring the tale of Alyse young woman trying to find her way through revenge, adventure and romance with the help of a young thief Kaine.

The Exiled: A dark fantasy short story series set in the same world as The Noble Bard, following the adventures of a thief named Mairwen who is looking for a place to call home while being branded as a criminal.

Desarmement: A dark urban fantasy, with a bit of a mystery feel. Adrienne, the proprietor of the Desarmement de Cupidon, a seedy brothel in London, starts uncovering a plot she quickly becomes entrenched in something even darker.


While titles may change, that’s what they are for now. The Exiled is a series of short stories set in the same world as Noble Bard, which is the novel that I’m working on.

Desarmement  is set in a separate world than them, with one of my longest standing and most developed characters, which will prove to be interesting. So I will be adding categories with the names of these stories. Fanfictions will be in their own category. 🙂

Which reminds me:


Dragon Age Origins: Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

Dragon Age 2: Hawke Family Values