CAW: NB/E Races Korrigan

Made using Lunaii Dollmaker once again.

The Korrigan have so far been the most fun to design.

The traditional folklore has little that I could work with, as well as varying information.

So I chose what I wanted to use and discarded what I didn’t. They are also perhaps (along with the Haltija, who come in second), the most varied from their traditional mythology.

Lucretia from the Noble Bard is a Korrigan.


CAW: NB/E Races Urisk

Another set of racial faces made using Lunaii Dollmaker.

Based largely off of the traditional urisk of Scottish folklore.

I largely took the goat-legged look for this race, and yes, they have a darker skin tone than the traditional.

Aonghus from the Exiled is an Urisk.